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F-0 Stainless Steel Performance Skate Bearings

F-0 Stainless Steel Performance Skate Bearings

$49.00 Regular Price
$39.20Sale Price

F-0 bearings were designed by Tornado and skated by our champion speed and artistic skaters. These bearings are precision engineered and made of premium steel to maximize their longevity and durability.  Using a 5 step polishing process, our polished races create less friction and drag. We go the extra mile in polishing to consistently achieve a mirror-like surface finish, reducing friction and enhancing the performance and lifespan of the bearings. The precision and smoothness are critical for high-performance applications like skating. This allows you to maintain forward momentum with less energy being lost to heat, friction, and overall drag. More energy from you to the wheels.


These bearings are ideal for skaters looking for an ideal combination of durability, speed, and value.

Each set of tornado bearings comes standard with our lime green dust shields and complimentary spacers.

F-0's are packaged in sets of 16 bearings.


Want to customize your bearings? We can upgrade the dust shields to the color of your choice! An additional $5 customization charge will apply per color.

  • Technical Specifications

    • High purity AISI 52100 steel. This high-carbon chromium alloy steel is known for its excellent hardness, wear resistance, and fatigue life, making it ideal for bearings.

    • Sold in sets of 16 bearings

    • Lightweight spacers included (8)

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