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Hello, we are tornado bearings. My daughter and I started this business to bring a great quality product to a sport we love speed skating. I have been skating for 35 years and my daughter for 2 years. We got in touch with a company that had some bearing styles made and tested them all and chose what we liked the best out of them and made those our style. We looked at the prices around our industry and came up with good fair prices for each style. We found some styles that were way overpriced by our competitors and felt we need to make a better price for the exact same bearing. We also found some styles that no one else was selling, that we like and had an amazing roll and speed that we felt would be a huge improvement styles available to the skating community. We want to be a company that is skater friendly and puts out top quality products and do what we can for our community of skating. We hope that one day we can have the name and brand quality that is here for many years to come like the ones that have been here for 40 plus years. Thank you for checking us out and hopefully supporting us into the future years to come.

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